At the end of the job interview, there are the steps that every candidate should take to close the interview with:

*Expressing Interest
*The value statement
*Requesting feedback
*Establish the “path forward”
*Saying “thank you”

  • Expressing Interest

If you are interested in the job, tell them. You want to make sure that the employer knows. This will become a factor in their decision making process.

  • The Value Statement

Following the statement of your interest in the position, you will want to add a value statement. This is simply a brief statement by you of one or two key ways the organization will benefit from bringing you about in the position.


Stating the confidence in your ability to make substantive contributions in key areas of concern to the employer is certainly going to heighten interest in your employment candidacy. The interview close presents the perfect opportunity to reinforce this impression by using an appropriate worded statement of value.


  • Be kind and professional to all

Even the front desk receptionist has some power when it comes to an employer choosing new employees. The interview starts right when you walk into the lobby.

  • Request Feedback

After an extensive amount of time of questions, it is not unreasonable to ask for some preliminary feedback on the status of your candidacy. It may or may not be exactly what you want to hear, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if the answer is negative, it still might be an advantage to be aware of this fact at this stage of the process. This provides you with one last chance to remove the remaining objection before you depart for the journey back home.


If a candidate is going to be rejected, nine out of ten cases it will be for one of two primary reasons: 1) Lack of technical proficiency in a given area 2) Lack of fit with the organization’s structure

You need to be tuned-in to what the employer has to say about your candidacy, and note, in particular, the level or degree of interest in you. This will come in handy later when you are ready to discuss the particulars of your employment offer.


  • Establish the “Path Forward”

It’s a good idea during the interview close to request information concerning the next steps. When can you expect to hear from them? What does the employer see as the next steps and approximate timing?


  • Say “Thank You”

Courtesy can go a long way in enhancing your image as someone who is polite and considerate. It’s utterly amazing to me how many employment candidates have spent a full day in interviews where a lot of valuable time and energy was expended on their behalf, yet they fail to express any appreciation for the employer’s efforts. Take the time to be gracious and thank your host for the interview. It will go a long way!!