Research the company before you go
Always be sure to research the company you about to interview with. Review their website, this usually give great insight into the firm and where it is going. Being not prepared for an interview will usually show to the employer.

Find out the dress code and dress appropriately
Always try to dress as professional as possible. If you have a suit – wear it! Every company has a different “culture” and environment. In order to “fit in,” you will need to dress appropriately for their environment. If in doubt as to what you should wear, always dress up rather than down. Never neglect proper hygiene.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early for the interview
This allows you time to fill out the in-house application at the employer’s office. Also, give yourself some time to park and find the actual office.

Be kind and professional to all
Even the front desk receptionist has some power when it comes to an employer choosing new employees. The interview starts right when you walk into the lobby.

Bring a fresh, crisp copy of your resume with you
This makes a good impression on the employer if you bring about 2 or 3 fresh copies of your resume with you. This is will make you look well prepared for the interview and it helps just in case you are introduced to other mangers / owners.  

Be confident in your skills
We wouldn’t have sent you if you were not qualified for the position! Be confident in your skills – but never oversell yourself, it will always show in the end.

When asked questions
Relate them to job related examples, not personal experiences. Try to relate the questions to the most recent work experience.

Have questions to ask towards the end of the interview.
Focus your questions regarding advancement and longevity topics. Let the employer feel that you are in it for the long run – you want a long lasting career at their firm.

If you want the job, tell them directly at the end of your interview.
It carries more impact coming directly from you, versus us second hand. Let the employer know that you are interested in the job opportunity there and ask them: “what is the next step?”