Adeniyi Sajimi Project Engineer

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Adeniyi B. Sajimi

Project Engineer

13099 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77077

Career Summary


A skilled Engineer with 8 years of Domestic U.S. experience in Project/Field Engineering, Construction Engineering and Oil & Gas Upstream Midstream & Downstream Engineering studies. Implementing the techniques of process simulators, database analysis, cost estimating, construction technology, production, completions, design review, construction support coordination and scheduling of engineering tasks for construction projects. A background in Civil Engineering to compliment my Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering degree experience.
Career Objective


·       Secure a challenging STEM engineering position where I am involved from initial design to testing and all the way to completion of the project. As a Project Engineer, I would look forward to dealing with implementation, cost, design, procurement, and construction of the given production. Aid in the planning and development of the processes taken in order to get the projects to go according to schedule.

·       To advance technically in the science of Construction Engineering, Construction Technology and Construction Management to contribute to the company by participating with professionals, such as construction, field testing, quality assurance, quality control, survey and procurement. Help in the overseeing of safety management and make sure the protection of the environment is up to par.

Lean Six Sigma Training & Procedures, HAZOP & HAZWOPER Training & Certification, OSHA Training Surveyor, Drilling Designing (Horizontal/Vertical), Aries Software, SQP & Access Proficiency, Well Logging, Reservoir Simulator, Production Engineering, Experience in SAP, Instrumentation and Controls, Oil Recovery, Ultrasonic Meter Stations, Pipeline Hydrotesting, Gas transmission valves, History Matching, Well Performance Optimization, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Automation, DeltaV Automation, Construction Injection Moulding, Well Head Testing, Production flow rates, Transmission System Planning, Engineering & Estimating
Work Experience


Air Liquide – Fremont, CA (O&G Capital Projects & Construction)

Project Engineer, Site Projects Manager

May 2019-Current


Developed, tracked, and managed downstream projects to ensure that projects within the facility involving construction with contractors/client are executed according to the Project Plan and are completed on time per Project Manager and on budget.
Informed management, site technicians and operations if there was anything affecting project timeline (shutdowns, procurement, material problems and budget). If problems arrived developed plans to diminish potential issues and delays.
Took lead on having work permits signed off with operations, informing operations of a shut down timeline, making sure all JSA and Permits (Roof Access, Hazardous Material, Working At Heights & More) were all up to date and signed off. Once work was completed it was my responsibility having documentation and the contractor sign off.
Worked in conjunction with Site Project Management for responsibility with procurement of equipment and materials, and services; and assisting in selection and hiring of subcontractors to perform work on site.
Read and interpreted equipment schematics, PIDs, Isometric/construction drawings and site safety precautions before work.
Assisted in design reviews & changes and supporting process engineers for project changes, and leading construction/chemical pre-startup & safety reviews.
Managed material identification, application, receipt, staging, and tracking of deliverables on site.
Responsible for Project execution following various applicable design specifications and standards.
Responsible for overall field coordination during the capital projects. Helped coordinate project deliverables and timing with the project manager, process engineers, and contractors for work that needed to be finished.
Confirmed that work scope, project documentation, drawings, etc. are developed to meet code standards in the city & internal standards/good safe engineering practice, and regulatory requirements are maintained current throughout the project.
Confirmed appropriate and timely reporting of project progress which included project closeout reports uploaded to SharePoint and the shared drive.
McDermott – Houston, Texas (Liquefied Natural Gas Plant)

Project Engineer, Field Engineer

November 2017-May 2019

Assisted in leading an midstream LNG Oil & Gas project of a three train project for CCJV piping group for three areas on job site. Overall operation of the Piping/Pipeline group and the high quality and timely completion of their work within the established work hour budgets for the LNG project
Ensuring engineering and design quality, technical accuracy of drawings, material quantities, specifications, procedures stayed within code and produced within the piping disciplines assigned to it.
Execution of assigned work in accordance with applicable contract procedures and standards
Followed  McDermott’s Engineering Procedure / Work Instruction for Design safety and to ensure the adoption of safe attitude towards engineering design that features affecting the safety and integrity of the project
Reviewing with the Project Engineering Manager, Area Project Engineers and other team members about all the needs and technical aspects which can affect the schedule of the project
Preparing, Reviewing, Issuing and follow up of all Piping Deliverables up to the issue for construction
Approving all Piping deliverables produced with in the Piping team, prior to initial and Construction Release
Ensure that the 3D model represents satisfactory design practice
Participate actively in FW internal and Client reviews of 3D Model, Plot Plan, Constructability etc
Assist Department head when required in preparation of proposals and in presentations to prospective clients
Providing Feedback to the Discipline Head concerning problems arising from application of standard methods and work procedures/instruction/technical practices and updates the same
Reviewed and interpreted engineering drawings, material and construction specifications and other design documents.
Developed and Prepared RFI (Request for Information), OTQ (Outgoing Technical Queries), DCR (Design Change Request), DCN (Design Change Notice); Developed and prepared construction work packages, supported development of estimates and schedules.
Prepared daily and weekly construction reports. Performed field walk-downs and inspections to review the work for conformance with the Isometric drawings, specifications, codes and standards, and company policies and procedures. Redlined Isometric drawings to show as-built conditions.
Worked with construction QC to resolve outstanding construction issues. Coordinated with the procurement team for field procured materials, material substitution and equipment (pipe spools, valves and fittings).
Reviewed material receiving reports and warehousing to assure delivery of correct mechanical materials.
Coordinated and monitored subcontractors activities to ensure piping materials, equipment and quality comply with design plans and specifications.
Responsible for Inspection of piping lines for strength and leak tests prior to commissioning (pneumatic and hydro-tests)
Kiewit Corporation – Lusby, MD (Liquefied Natural Gas Plant)

Project Engineer, Construction Engineer

November 2016-November 2017


Duties included construction field engineering and construction technology, building test packages, subsystem walk downs, operation planning, cost control, project scheduling, quantity tracking, material procurement, contract administration, estimating and supervision of field and office activities.
Reviewed and compared Isometric Drawings to P&ID’s of subsystems to make sure they were in correspondence and reviewed all superseding redlined drawings of welds, supports, valves and any other changes in construction that would change the scope of work.
Performed engineering work in connection with large-scale construction projects.
Performed engineering tasks requiring standard techniques and handling minor problems of a technical nature arising during construction.
Maintained records as required regarding QIR’s, NCR’s, RFI’s, and job progress, costs and material usage.
Assisted in planning and scheduling of job and/or job segments, which included investigating problems and/or reported incidents; identify and recommended solutions/alternatives as appropriate.
Reviewed plans and specifications to determine material requirements (quantities and qualities), pricing of materials.
Worked with suppliers as required for facilitating the handling and expediting delivery of materials.
Involved in the district estimating unit. This involves quantity takeoffs, site visits, estimating the work, sitting in on estimate reviews and helping to close out the task for construction.
Chevron – Houston, TX

Field Engineer, Construction Engineer, Construction Technology

November 2015-November 2016


Assisted in carrying out a variety of basic field duties at the job site related to general construction engineering.
Develop project implementation strategies and manage all technical aspects of field engineering construction for Chevron’s PALO (Port Arthur) project. Develop contractor/consultant designs for assigned projects; ensuring compliance is in application of appropriate engineering standards codes of practice and specifications in conjunction with the disciplined team.
Utilized fundamentals and surveying of field with an understanding of meter stations, storage facilities as well as control systems.
Engage in site layout, cost estimating, construction planning, scheduling, material procurement, quality control and assurance, and job site safety.
Provided and maintained horizontal and vertical survey control by use of a level, GPS, total station, etc., including organized documentation of survey notes.
Performed quantity tracking (including calculations) and cost coding for purposes of productivity analysis and accurate job cost forecasting and prepared daily reports as related to crews, progress and issues.
Provided document control for correspondence, submittals, RFI’s, etc. and assisted in the preparation of final records for the project, including as-builts.
Worked with foreman to ensure structures are built in conformance with the contract requirements.
Experiences with internationally recognized codes & standards with the ability to effectively apply them: (ASME, API, ANSI, ASTM etc.)
Experience and familiarity in engineering specifications, procedures, standards and guidelines of major oil/gas, construction, and petrochemical sub companies and contractors.
Responsible for R&D of engineering computing software and development of spreadsheets in Excel and for various field engineering analyses. Familiar with commercial software implemented by technical engineering team.
Participate in the preparation of commissioning procedures by contractors/consultants/vendors.
Experience in Design reviews (Route selection, Design calculations, Buoyancy, Road crossings, Expansion, Stability, External and Internal corrosion, On plot field work, Block Valve stations etc.) HAZOP participation, Material selection.
Experience in Preparation of Construction for different type of the design and construction packages to describe contractual terms and condition for the contractor and the activities to be performed by the construction contractors.
Experience in monitoring engineering design jobs and review of engineering contractors design packages with respect to client / company and industry standards, engineering practice and project requirements.
Experience in conducting / attending regular progress review meetings, solving day-to-day design and project issues with client / consultants, and submission of design packages.
Planning and scheduling of all onshore fabrication works in relation to construction works with survey engineering team and clients.
Interface with other survey discipline engineers during structural development and subsequent review of engineering deliverables.
Interpret and Review of engineering drawing in relation to structural design requirements.
General supervision of fabrication, construction and installation to meet design requirements of client.


Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) – Lake Charles, LA

Construction Field/Office Engineer, Process Engineer

May 2014-November 2015 (Contract)


Duties as field engineer at CB&I were to assist in supervising field employees assigned to a particular construction discipline work area, i.e., Civil, Manufacturing & Production, Oil & Gas, Energy, erection of structural steel, injection moulding of plastics, rebar and more.
Documentation of all engineering and field operations using an internal automation program called documentum and Microsoft excel to extract and keep track of data within the field.
Used high performance automation software and control systems for the nuclear, manufacturing and construction projects as well as procedures to be administered throughout the facility. This automation industrial software solutions delivered secure, real time reliable results that was operational and helped with processes and field problems.
Lean Six Sigma & Kaizen Training techniques in the field looked to output the most production from process procedures, construction, piping projects, welding, fabrication, nuclear & manufacturing and design and general processes in the engineering field, which we were contracted for. Our promise to every project was subject to top quality and had to match the output and meet protocol. Any defects or projects that didn’t meet certification guidelines had to be inspected & removed before project was complete.
Studying Heat and Material Balances on projects with development of Process Flow Diagrams to aid in projects
Implemented and was trained in the Six Sigma Training Techniques to increase productivity in the field and office as well as reduce cost.
Using the automation process of using specific software such as DeltaV, Landmark software and Documentum software provided helped to manage existing processes of functions in a given project on site to fix problems, speed up processes, manage and make sure all engineers within the facility were updated.
The process of Quality Assurance and Quality Control was used in the assistance of evaluation and solution of potential field problems, referring them to manager, supervisor and potentially all engineers.
Monitored a safety first environment to perform all functions and responsibilities in accordance with the company’s values and beliefs.
Responsible for maintaining engineering operations for both developed and production support as it directly related to the building at CB&I Lake Charles fabrication facility.
Engineering services included economic analyses, achievability studies, process design, project engineering and construction engineering.
Field Engineering position dealt with quality assurance, fabrication, material management and construction. The goal was to deliver safe, efficiently managed and cost-effective projects that met client requirements and specifics.
Attend construction project meetings as required to participate and understand execution responsibilities.
General knowledge of construction processes along with a specific engineering discipline that could apply to the position

National Fuel Gas Corporation – Erie, PA

Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineer, Drilling, Reservoir, Production, Well Design & Project Design

January 2011 – May 2014


Responsible for designing methods and processes that deal with the extraction of oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface.
Used advanced field computers to not only analyze the exploration of petroleum data and simulation of reservoir behavior, but also to use the process of automation for oilfield production and drilling operations.
Working knowledge of database applications such as Aries, Access and SQL and Production Access to analyze the well production within the reservoir and production forecast.
Develop methods that decrease the cost of drilling and make recovery more profitable.
Perform computer-controlled drilling and fracturing.
·       Integration of knowledge and skills acquired through experience, reading and formal instruction into a final product, the design.

·       Valve operations, instrumentation and controls, securing power and telecommunication.

·       The analysis of data and the definition, measurement and application of risk to project design.

·       Reservoir Engineering Design for the application of the concepts of reservoir and drilling engineering to petroleum engineering design projects.

·       Introduction to the drilling simulator, development of the computer model, and the use of history match in design as well testing production flow.

·       Divided into teams and contractors were to be evaluated on the basis of their contribution to the team effort. All reports and presentations were presented to the class as a product of the team.

·       The application of spreadsheet programming to petroleum and natural gas project design and its use in project economic analysis and risk analysis.




US Citizen


·       Academic


The Pennsylvania State University, Main Campus, University Park, PA. B.Sc. Bachelor of Science, 2012, Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering.


Continued Education, The Pennsylvania State University, Main Campus, University Park, P.A. M.Sc, May 2013-January 2014, Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering


·       Industry


National Fuel Gas Corporation, Erie, PA. Comprehensive Capstone-Engineering Project, Well Placement, Well Performance Optimization, Quality Improvement, spreadsheet programming, Reservoir Simulator Programming, Development of computer model, and the use of history match in design. An analysis of data and the definition, measurement and the application of risk to project design.


TWIC Card, Industrial Training, HAZWOPER Cert, OSHA Training, Economics, Quality Assurance, Business Development, Public Speaking, Technical Writing, Six Sigma & Kaizen Training, Simulation Programming, Project Management, Maintenance, Fabrication, Construction.



Computer Literacy


·       Operating Systems: Windows, MAC OS


·       GUI’s & Languages: Navisworks 360 Modeling Software, Bluebeam Software, Aries Software, Delta V Automation, Document Automation, SQP & Access Proficiency, MS Visual Basic, C++, MS Office Dev. Pak.,


·       General & Graphics Applications: WordPerfect, MS Works, MS Office 2000+, AutoCAD 2001 Designing, Reservoir Simulation Software