Arshad Civil engineer /QC Manager

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Arshad Ahmad Sarwari

001-571-239-4332 |

5805 Merton Court, Alexandria Mark Center VA USA

Permanent Work Authorization (Green Card Holder)

§      Knowledgeable in MS Office, Auto Cad, QCS, Primavera (P6).

§    Solid working knowledge of current Internet technologies and outlook. Able to learn, apply new technologies.

§    Able to travel other locations when/as needed.

§    Vehicle Driving, Fluent in Dari and Pashto .

§    Leadership ability and Initiative and Self-directed. Demonstrated experience in personnel management.

§    Ability to work well with all levels of management, executive leadership and support staff.

§    Team building and Supervisory skills, Time management skills.

§    Effective verbal and listening and writing communications skills.

§    Reacts to project adjustments and alterations promptly and efficiently.

§     Flexible during times of change. Problem-solving and conflict management.

§    Ability to bring project to successful completion through political.

§    Knowledge to most standard codes like: ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, AISC,IPC,NEC,IBC…

Core Strength
·        Construction Quality Control Management (USACE)

·        Scheduling Primavera P6. Project Management, Site Management, Safety Management.

Professional Experience
11/2017 – Now   Construction Project Scheduler

TDF LLC 459 Herndon Parkway VA USA

§    Review/evaluate/update and analyze construction schedules & Completed Project Value analyzes and reporting.

§  Provide technological solutions to technological problems.
§  Prepare/evaluate a contractor’s monthly schedule. Participate in Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) creation.
§  Plans workload multiple projects Management team and conflict resources .
§  Coordinates project schedules and recommends appropriate lead-lag times..

§  Maintains a resource loaded and networked program schedule for on-going and special projects .

§  Analyze Construction claims. Making S Curves for eared values .REAs,RFIs & delays.

§  Managed all planning, forecasting, monitoring, and critical path analysis activities

§  Reviewed and approved contractor and vendor schedules to create realistic and achievable plans

§  Project Type:  Renovations of Thurgood Marshall US Federal Option 1 &2 Court House Renovation.

§  Value: $ 200,000,000 .

§   Scope: Working within the software Primavera P6 and Excel to extract and organize scheduling data in preparation for a testimonial witness case.

02/2013 – 08/2017 QC/QA Manager  ( the same work procedure like USACE)

Onyx/MSCC Construction Company – Kabul, Afghanistan

§  Full Communication with contractors regarding QC related issues.

§  Implementing the QA/QC management system at site. Inspection of all construction Activities.

§  Reviewing, Checking and Approving Entire submittals, contractors invoices.

§  Supporting approving QC Engineers prepared Pre-Construction and close out submittals.

§  coordinating with quality inspections with all the site sub-contractors and vendors

§  Full supervision of site safety works and preparing of safety plans.

§  Review checking and applying for contractors submittals/test reports.

§  Coordinating all non-destructive testing on site and  Subcontractor interactions for workmanships.

§  Review the daily reports and report to the top management if needed.

§  Created (CPM) for scheduling system & update project schedules monthly using narrative & project analyses.

§  Monitored project and program progress utilizing CPM to troubleshoot and suggest alternatives

§  Review and Approve the Contractors ( Projects Basle line Schedule P6, SOV and monthly Invoice)

§  Answering to the Contractors RFIs, REAs, Change Orders. review, redline the as-built drawings of Cont.

§  Distribution of relevant QA/QC documentation to site subcontractors.

§  Verifying that the quality related site activities are in accordance with the applicable codes, standards and the project technical specification. Managing Department’s staff in appropriate way.

§  Coordination with the site construction manager on all quality issues.

§  Coordinating and Chairing the QA/QC site weekly meeting with the project’s.

§  Coordinating the punch out list ,pre-final & final inspections with handover the projects.

§  Project Types: Structure raft, separate, pilling foundations, shear walls, columns’ .4000/6000 PSI concrete.

§  Scope: 6 to 23 Stories Residential/Commercial Buildings with stores, restaurants/shops ,Ashlat Concrete Roads,WWTP,Holding,Tanks,Parkings,Schools,LPG,penhouse,water,tanks,waterwell,system,Canal,Trench,Culvert

§  Values:$ 85 00 000 ,$ 71 000 000 ,$ 57 000 000 , $ 14 500 000 , $11 200 000 $ 2800 000.


02/2009 – 01/2013 QC Manager

OMRAN Holding Group /US Army corps of Engineer– Kabul, Afghanistan

§  Plans and directs activities of designated projects to ensure that goals or objectives of projects are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters.

§  Direct and coordinate activities of project personnel to ensure project progresses on schedule budget.

§  Manage supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies

§  Management of Site staff of the project with coordination to main office.

§  Undertaking technical and feasibility studies and site investigation.

§  Confer with project staff to outline work plan and to assign duties, responsibilities.

§  Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a projects and scopes Supervise / pushing conductors.

§  Making master Procurement schedule for local and international procurement

§  Build teams, develop objectives/goals of each and assign individual responsibility

§  Three phase of control (Preparing preparatory meetings for Each DFOW).

§  Attending the meetings, Develop and Administer the Quality Control Plan for the project  (Army Corps )

§  Review the contract, Specifications and project drawings/submit as-Builts on finished projects.

§  Weekly progress meeting with Clint/Staff.

§  Qualifications and to ensure that they have necessary and decision making capability.

§  To review all submittals to insure complains with the plans and specification.

§  Re review the methods and procedures of work for the various sub- contractors.

§  Update project schedules monthly using native and project analyses.

§    Monitored project and program progress utilizing CPM to troubleshoot and suggest alternatives.

§  Making S Curves for each projects, Change Orders, Billings of contractors .

§  Review, redline and submit the as-built drawings.

§   Controlling all non-conformances reports and undertakes remedial action.

§   Inspection of all material delivered to site to assure their compliance with drawings specifications

§  Project Types: Structure, superstructure ,masonry: Concrete 4000 PSI , separate  footings ,grad beams, column.

§  LPG tanks, sprinkler system for firefighting system, Oxygen system. Refrigerator container.

§  Electrical/Communications: ATS,ATI ,Generator, Nurse call systems.

§  Valuse: $4 800 000 ,$ 4 200 000 and 3 750 000.

§  Scope: Hospital for ANA Army Admin Building, DFAC, Clinic, Barracks, Maintenance Garage, Roads, Waste water treatment plant (WWTP) , water reservoir ,LPG Tanks,COMBI system for heating ,Holding tanks,Grease trap, Fence,

§  Stone/Bricks masonry Exterior Insulation finish System ( EIFS).

§  Electrical and Communications: ATS , ATI, Generator ,Nurse call systems ,street lights,….


12/2007 – 01/2009        QC Manager

Na ssar Group international/ US Army Corps of Engineer – Kabul, Afghanistan

§  Analyzed blueprints and project documentation to prepare estimates.

§  Design Reviewing Buildings Civil Materials Estimations.

§  Making of (BOQ) Bile of Quantity for Civil, Design Drawings Modifications (AUTO CAD).

§  To review the design and as –built drawings, assist project plan and cost estimation.

§  Review procurement documents to ensure incorporation of quality control and Project Spec.

§  Coordination’s the project with QC Manger and QC Engineer and Site Engineers.

§  Analyze drawings and specifications, Requisition change orders and identify any potential risks.

§  Organize sub- contractor’s quotations, negotiate to insure quotes meet contract.

§  Review the contract, specifications and project drawings & Provide clear   detailed quantity take off.

§  Review all submittals to insure complains with the plans and specification.

§  Project Type: Structure and super structure : Separate footings, Grad beams , shear wall, slab ,Masonry.

§  Values: Garrison: $ 73 000 000  and  Asphalt Concrete Road:$29 000 000.

§  Scope: Garrison for Army and Asphalt concrete Roads with Culverts and other structures.

02/2007 – 12/2007             QC Manager

EPCC /US Army Corps of Engineer Prime Contractor– Badghis,Afghanistan


§  Implement and manage the Quality control program.

§  To review the project specifications and any changes there to.

§  Review procurement documents to ensure incorporation of project specification.

§  Implement the three- phase inspection plans.

§  Perform inspection on construction activities/establish testing requirements.

§  Control document nonconforming items & conditions & corrective actions.

§  Control documentation necessary to substantiate the quality of materials and workmanship.

§  Preparing Daily reports, Checking shop drawings and sub-contractor submittals.

§  To review all submittals to insure complains with the plans and specification.

§  Inspection of all materials delivered to the site to assure their complain with drawings/spec.

§  Keeping an eye on safety to make sure that no one’s life is serious danger.

§  Testing of all required site (proctor test, Compaction test, Standard test, and concrete Testes).

§  Attending on preparatory meetings and Attending to COE /AED meetings.

§  Supervise the subcontractors, check and evaluate Working Percentage.

§  Project Types: Separate Footings, Columns ,shear walls, concrete roof slab ,Reinforcement CMU ,shear walls.

§  Scope:Badghis and Ghor Provinces Police Headquarters :Barrack ,Headquarter ,Admin Buildings , stone masonry Boundary wall, Maintenance garage ,waste water treatment plant, Asphalt concrete internal roads, Trenches.

§  Value: $ 9 200 000.


§  01/2005 – 12/2006        QC Manager

§                                   FCEC_UIP/US Army Corps of Engineer –Kabul, Afghanistan

§  Reviewed and approved all project documentation & Resolved any problems and issues that arose.

§  Managed the  Team including any sub-contractors ,Identifying, costing and processing any contract variations.

§  Ensuring Projects and Programmed are executed using agreed standards & processes.

§  Preparing status reports for use in communication to stakeholders.

§  Escalating issues and areas of concern to senior managers.

§  Ensured staff and sub-contractors timesheets were accurately completed.

§  Responsible for ensuring best value is obtained for the project supplier base, use of internal and external resources.

§   Mark the redline drawing and sending to main office for as built drawings.

§  Punch out list,pre final and final inspections with handover the building and other structures .

§  Maintaining and completing Project Key Performance Indicators.

§  Updating project plans to include agreed changes and Producing accurate financial reports.

§  Monitoring actual expenditure figures against project budgets. Organizing and facilitating Project Steering / Operating

§  Project Types: 3D Panel Structures walls and roofs Buildings.

Mechanical and Plumbing: Air Package Unite, Ducting, wall hydrant, yard hydrants, Firefighting Sprinkler system.

§  Values: Paktika Province: $ 3 500 000 and Kandahar $ 4 800 000.

§  Scope: Police Headquarters and Border crossing Buildings Paktiaka and Kandahar provinces .

04/2003 – 11/2004        Site Observer USAID

CHF International (American Company)  USAID Funded Projects–Ghazni, Afghanistan

§  Supervise the sub conductors and pushing the subcontractors.

§  Doing the inspections daily and showing the workmanship to the site labors and engineers.

§  Inspection of all material delivered to job site. Review of design drawings.

§  Re review the methods and procedures of work for the various sub- contractors to assure their understanding.

§  Constantly monitor and report on the progress of a project to main office.

§  Inspections of all construction activities and Daily & weekly reports and sending to Main office.

§  Making Weekly plan for site progress according to project schedule.

§  Project Type: Separate Footings, Columns ,shear walls, concrete roof slab ,Brick work, wooden truces.

§  Scope: School , Basic clinic and Comprehensive clinics.

§  Values: Schools :$145 000 and Clinics: $ basic Clin105 000 and Comprehensive clinic $165 000

§  05/2001 – 11/2002        Site Engineer

ACTED International – Baghlan Afghanistan

§  Ensure all task orders, projects and services are mobilized and delivered on schedule.

§  Establish priorities to meet goals and objectives and Weekly Report and meetings.

§  Plan service delivery activities and coordinate departmental activities with other.

§  Departments, Anticipate any setbacks / difficulties and act to prevent or compensate

§  Task, supervise and manage subordinate personnel.

§  Project Type: Residential  homes .Values :$5000 each home (local Materials)

§  06/2000 – 03/2001        Design Engineer Kabul Municipality– Kabul, Afghanistan

§  Hands on Estimation & Design of Buildings.

§  Project Type: 2 Stories Concrete Typical  buildings Design.

§  Value: Design Projects and Civil materials Estimations , Scope: Structure Design of Building and Civil Estimator


CQM (Construction Quality Management) US Army Corps Engineer, Primavera, Auto Cad ,Office program


1999                             M.Sc. Civil Engineering  –Kabul Polytechnic University, Afghanistan

Training/Courses :      CQM, Primavera, Auto Cad, Office Program.