Belkacem ABBAS civil engineer

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Academic Year 2016/2017        4th year PhD in civil engineer

Construction and spatial planning; option: Geotechnical engineering and construction materials.

University of sciences and technology Mohamed BOUDIAF Oran (USTO)

City – Country: Oran Algeria.

July  2013                                Master degree (Diploma of Magister )

Construction and spatial planning; option: Geotechnical engineering and construction materials.

University of sciences and technology MohamedBOUDIAF Oran (USTO).

City – Country: Oran Algeria.

March/April 2008                      Training Certificate

Construction, management and the exploitation of the great projects of public works.

University of South-east of Nanjing (People’s Republic of China).

City – Country: Nanjing (People’s Republic of China).

July 2007                                  Civil engineer;

Option: Roadss and bridges

University of sciences and technology Mohamed BOUDIAF Oran (USTO).

City- Country: Oran Algeria.

July 2002                                  Baccalaureate series science


Computer/ Technical skills

Hardware, Installation, Internet, Windows, Engineering, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Talren 4,CHUM.

Academic Projects

1- Study of the second runway of the aerodrome of Oran;

2- Valorization of the sand of desert by chemical and mechanical stabilization;

3- Slope stability (Numerical Simulation) PhD thesis.
Work experience

October 2007-July 2014: Engineer of structures

Employer: National Highways Agency

Project title: Construction of the East-West Highway section of Mascara (W4).

Consistency of work:

• Structures (2 viaduct, 11 underpasses and overpasses 9);

• Earthworks 30 Km;

• Highway pavement 30 km;

• Drainage (ditches).


• Quality assurance plan following the recommendations of special technical clauses (CCTP).

• Control of various implementation phases piles (Drilling, concreting) 943 piles;

• Control of the prefabrication of pre-stressed beams (concrete, tensioning) 700 beams;

• Control of different phases of implementation of hydraulic structures (83 culverts);

• In-situ testing (gamma ray density meter, test deflection);

• laboratory testing (identification of soil testing for concrete).
July 2014-September 2016: Senior engineer

Employer: National Highways Agency

Project title: Highway of Mascara (W4).

• Preliminary studies;

• Preliminary geotechnical studies;

• The implementation phase.

Consistency of work:

• 09 viaducts;

• 17 underpasses;

• 02 overpasses;

• 116 culverts.

• Earthworks 45 km


• Participation in various site meetings;

• The quality assurance plan;

• Monitoring and control of works;

• Crosshole Sonic Logging for piles and interpretation of results;

• Tests relating to concrete (cement, aggregates and chemical analysis).

Membership in professional associations
Member of laboratory LMST (Civil Engineering Department)

University of Science and Technology Mohamed BOUDIAF Oran (USTO);
Speaking             reading               Writing
Arabic                excellent             excellent             excellent
French               good           good command             good command
English              good              Very good                       good
Chinese           basic skills
University of Science and Technology Mohamed BOUDIAF Oran (USTO);

Address: El Mnaouar, BP 1505, Bir El Djir 31000, Oran, Algeria.

Phone number: +213 041 61 71 46


National Highways Agency

Address: les bananiers BP 72 Mohammadia Alger

Phone number:+213 021530963



I hereby certify, in all conscience, that the above information accurately reflect my situation, my qualifications and my experience.