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Professional Summary

Architect with strong leadership and management skills. Brings valuable expertise to forward objectives. Efficient in supervising teams through the development of creative projects that will contribute to the benefit of the client, the public, and the organization. Skilled in architectural programming and design phases including zoning, site planning, building codes, building systems, historic preservation, project budgets and schedules, value engineering, identifying, or anticipating problems, and providing creative design solutions or implementations. Excels through team- building, mentoring, training, empowering, and developing systems to improve quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

Work History

New York, NY  •  05/2023 – 10/2023


·          Led NYC SCA A&E program as a primary client liaison and organized cross-functional processes to

meet scope/budget/schedule at all phases.

·          Assigned duties, set up performance standards, provided coaching, and evaluated performance.

·          Monitored financial and technical aspects of multiple complex projects, evaluated issues, and proposed solutions to SVP, and CEO.

·          Determined strategic cost-effectiveness of capital projects, monitored budgets, controlled resources, and forecasted financial status. Reviewed and approved invoices and other charges based on established procedures.

·          Ensured program activities follow established requirements and adhere to all relevant standards, guidelines, codes, regulations, policies, procedures, and contractual requirements. Monitored progress and ensured projects are delivered efficiently on schedule within budget.

·          Managed and monitored progress against agency and program goals. Identified issues and risks and ensured timely resolution and mitigation. Conducted meetings with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and mitigate risks.

·          Developed, evaluated, processed, and negotiated proposals with external client stakeholders, internal A&E team, and sub-consultants. Reviewed and approved sub-consultants’ proposals and contracts to comply with prime-contract requirements, client expectations, and internal policies.

·          Coordinated resources and execution of multiple complex projects with Architectural and MEP discipline managers. Identified schedule/budget/scope risks and communicated with internal team members and/or client stakeholders to resolve the issues.

·          Created and executed strategic plan, monitored performance to achieve internal quality goals and client expectations, identified areas of potential improvements.

·          Created and maintained a productive and transparent relationship with all relevant stakeholders, ensuring effective communication on project status and timely resolution of issues.

·          Analyzed issues, recommended solutions, and identified alternatives for business, management, and technical aspects of practice. Established appropriate procedures to resolve cross-functional dependencies and improve responsiveness to client.

·          Provided mentorship, coaching, and delegated experience-appropriate tasks. Conducted meetings to lead the in-house team through procedures to improve performance and quality.

CANNON DESIGN – Project Manager
New York, NY  •  10/2021 – 01/2023

·          Directed complex higher-education sector projects reporting to both the project management office, and the education sector leader.

·          Managed the development of complex higher-education indoor sport arena projects, coordinated design process, and organized cross-functional activities between clients (University of Pennsylvania and Seton Hall University), in-house professional team, and consultants.

·          Determined cost-effectiveness complex projects, monitored, and controlled budgets, and forecasted financial status and schedule risks. Analyzed issues, identified alternatives, recommended changes and solutions, monitored execution, and coordinated implementations.

·          Coordinated projects’ design review meetings with clients’ board of trustees and design project committee to discuss feasibility, the scope of work, schedule, and budget; navigated the myriad of relationships and differing opinions to bring stakeholders together then coordinated the execution of approved design decisions with Cannon Design’s in-house teams and consultants.

·          Managed the coordination of design execution with external consultants in periodic design review meetings (civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, graphics/branding, sports equipment, audio/visual, security, food service, LEED, commissioning, cost estimator, rendering/animation, and client’s construction manager) through all design phases.

·          Managed zoning/building code analysis and attended review meetings with clients, agencies, Planning Board, and Building Department. Requested RFPs, negotiated with clients and sub-consultants, processed, and executed contracts/amendments with clients.

·          Evaluated bids and proposed value engineering solutions to adjust the scope/cost with client expectations and budget. Analyzed issues, identified alternatives, recommended solutions, monitored execution, and coordinated implementations.

·          Monitored performance, identified areas of improvement, and initiated improvements. Coordinated with cross-functional teams to resolve project issues and mitigate risks.

·          Achieved project deadlines by coordinating with in-house team and external consultants.
New York, NY  •  10/2018 – 12/2020

·          Directed portfolio of complex projects for the NYC School Construction Authority and reported progress to Bravo’s Chief Operating Officer.

·          Managed the cross-functional teams (in-house teams, multi-discipline consultants, and various governmental agencies), project timelines, and solution implementation.

·          Reviewed financial management reports, discussed management strategies, presented recent achievements, discussed future proposals, and proposed implementation policies in Bravo’s board of directors’ meetings.

·          Conducted Bravo’s capital projects’ design meetings with the NYC School Construction Authority board of directors to discuss feasibility, scope, schemes, schedule, and budget, and navigated the myriad of relationships and differing opinions to bring stakeholders together then coordinated the execution with Bravo’s in-house teams and consultants.

·          Identified internal/external resources to effectively meet scope, schedule, and budget of projects.

·          Assigned and motivated the in-house teams. Provided effective coaching to ensure timely delivery and commit to budget. Maintained schedules to meet key milestones at every project phase. Communicated project plans and progress to key stakeholders and project contributors.

·          Prepared execution management plans, provided clear direction, analyzed design problems, and created functional solutions assuring that the design meets the client’s standards and goals. Conducted review meetings with in-house multidisciplinary teams and consultants to verify projects’ feasibility, scope, schedule, budget, and compliance with the program.

·          Analyzed business and technical issues, and recommended solutions for policy and procedure changes. Pursued potential proposals, met with the in-house team, researched the approach, and participated in business development and marketing activities.

·          Determined cost-effectiveness of capital projects, monitored, and controlled budgets, and forecasted financial status. Analyzed issues, identified alternatives, recommended changes and solutions, monitored execution, and coordinated implementation.

·          Participated in improving projects’ quality of deliverables by development of technical resources and internal quality control policies and procedures. Ensured a professional environment that respects individual differences and enabled teams to develop and contribute to their full potential. Monitored contract agreements to identify potential risks and implemented mitigation actions to protect the firm from unforeseen delays and costs.
JACOBS / CH2M – Project Manager
New York, NY  •  07/2017 – 05/2018

·          Managed portfolio of Federal projects (25-30 projects) starting from procurement, proposal, contract, design, construction administration to substantial completion and final completion.

·          Led historic preservation of U.S. buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), prepared request for proposals, evaluated/recommended sub-consultants from a list of responders to the client, coordinated the execution of testing with client and sub-consultant, analyzed testing results and provided design solutions defining the scope and extent of work.

·          Allocated resources, prepared project execution management plans, organized the cross-functional activities, provided clear direction, analyzed problems, and created functional solutions assuring that the design meets the client’s standards and goals which required a significant exercise of judgment on details relative to the completion of contract documents.

·          Planned to meet project client’s goals, schedules, and firm objectives by allocating in-house or interstate firm resources and coordinated the effort for an effective execution.

·          Managed projects’ development while monitoring scope, budget, schedule, and performance.

·          Achieved project deadlines by coordinating with contractors to manage performance.

·          Reported projects’ progress and financial status to firms’ higher management. Prepared financial estimates at completion and forecasts to control budget.

·          Led multidisciplinary professional teams (geotechnical, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, cost estimating, and specification) through all phases of planning, execution, and closeout.

·          Conducted review meetings with governmental agencies and in-house multidisciplinary project teams to review the scope of work and ensure that all building systems are fully coordinated according to the approved program.

·          Attended bidding phase meetings and negotiations to meet the client’s goals, scope, and budget.

·          Coordinated contract administration monthly site visits, solved issues to ensure timely project delivery, reviewed change orders and requisitions, and provided recommendations to the client.

·          Participated in business development activities leading to the award of new projects. Prepared and negotiated proposals. Executed awarded contracts as per internal and federal client procedures.

New York, NY  •  04/2015 – 05/2016

·          Managed the development of multi-million-dollar high-profile complex projects. Coordinated design process, and organized the cross-functional activities with clients, in-house professional team, and multi-discipline consultants (geotechnical, civil, landscape, structural, MEPFP, lighting, daylighting, envelope, elevator, acoustical, audio/video, solar energy, scheduling, cost estimating, specification, food service planning, rendering, animation and model making).

·          Prepared project management schedules providing directions to meet scope, schedule, and budget. Communicated project plans and progress to key stakeholders and project contributors.

·          Analyzed architectural design problems and provided functional creative solutions, assuring that the design meets clients’ goals, standards while complying to codes and regulations.

·          Conducted meetings at all phases of the project: design presentation meetings, concept development meetings, quality control meetings, design consultant meetings, and planning board meetings which reduced delinquencies through strong communication and interpersonal negotiations and problem-solving skills.

·          Reviewed and coordinated multi-million-dollar projects starting from programming, schematic design, design development through contract documents’ development and coordination (RFP, Contracts, Drawings, Specifications, Cost Estimates, Project Management Schedules, Renderings, Animation, and Architectural Model) for compliance with design intent/scope, clients’ goals/requirements and building codes to meet established timeframes and budget.

·          Managed zoning and building code analysis and coordinated informal meetings with Planning Board and Building Code Officials, executed submission and attended Planning Board hearing.

·          Coordinated the preparation and execution of testing requests with client and structural consultants to determine existing conditions. Analyzed results with structural consultant to determine the extent of scope of work and impact on cost estimate to meet client expectations.

·          Coordinated bidding and award phase, supported client, and negotiated alternates, and proposed value engineering and design alternatives to meet clients’ goals.
New York, NY  •  09/2007 – 04/2015

·          Achieved project deadlines by coordinating with contractors to manage performance.

·          Acted as the primary client liaison on a variety of capital projects coordinating the cross-functional activities between in-house team, consultants, and government agencies (NYC DOB, NYC SCA, NYC DDC, NYCHA, DASNY, and NYC Department of Parks).

·          Led historic preservation of U.S. landmark building listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) during programming and design phases, reviewed and evaluated existing conditions, provided design solutions considering the architectural and historic significance of the building/site, and defined the scope and extent of work.

·          Attended high-level project management meetings with Agencies, Commissioners, and Oversight Agency Heads. Prepared final compliance and quality assurance reports and provided feedback to Director to meet clients’ policies, procedures, requirements, and expectations.

·          Led, planned, organized, and controlled the projects with great time management skills, remarkable problem-solving skills, and the ability to develop and motivate the team.

·          Supervised the development of feasibility studies and scope reports. Determined projects’ programs and scopes of design and construction work. Proposed design solutions and alternatives with preliminary cost estimates.

·          Coordinated the design process with the in-house team and multi-discipline consultants (MEPFP), assessed recommendations, and communicated feedback for compliance with design intent, clients’ goals/requirements, and building codes, to meet established timeframes. Managed projects during bid/award, and contract administration phases.

·          Led contract administration phase, performed bi-weekly site visits, resolved field issues through RFI responses, presented change orders to clients, and issued bulletins. Managed the teams through the substantial and final completion phase, punch-list preparation, and close-out procedures. Recommended procedures to set up performance standards and enhance quality assurance of projects.
New York, NY  •  01/1997 – 08/2007

·          Managed diversified types and sizes of projects (municipality, healthcare, corporate, diners/restaurants, car washes, warehouses, retail, and housing) at all project phases.

·          Conducted zoning and code compliance research and presentations to obtain planning board approvals. Performed project design analysis, mass studies, and graphical design presentations. Developed construction drawings for diversified project types and sizes.

·          Analyzed program, created innovative design approaches solutions to programming issues, and discussed design strategies to comply with zoning regulations meeting clients’ goals.

·          Evaluated existing applications for suitability and promoted/implemented new applications to achieve immediate and long-term firm goals.

·          Restructured and standardized drawings and specifications which assured project quality executions.