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·         Bachelor in Civil Engineering accomplished in Universidade de São Paulo, SP – Brazil.

·         M.Sc. in Structural Engineering (leave of absence) in Universidade de São Paulo, SP – Brazil.

·         Civil Engineer with emphasis in Structural Engineering (reinforced and prestressed concrete).

·         Manage and have a partnership in a construction company in Brazil. Management of construction business and entrepreneur.

·         Fluency in English and Portuguese (maternal language). Some knowledge of Spanish.

·         Expertise developed with the construction of many multi-residential high-rise buildings in reinforced concrete.

·         Experienced Structural Engineer. Work with structural and architectural projects, development and research of new technologies.

·         Successfully solved difficult problems that required adaptation and modification of standard techniques, procedures and criteria.

·         Great experience and motivation for the Leadership of multidisciplinary groups, focused on solving internal and external problems, involving departments, suppliers and clients.

·         Profound understanding and knowledge in computers, network and hi-tech area. Implementation and management of computers networks. Assembly, disassembly and upgrade computers.





·         Structural design and detail of high rise multi-story buildings.

·         Reinforced and prestressed concrete.

·         Expertise with different types of concrete and special mixtures.

·         Large experience with stress analysis software, FEA software and detailing software.

·         Main technical responsibility of JNDS company.



·         Coordinate with the city council, consultants, and the utility companies to get the plans approved and pull building permits.

·         Architectural design of multi-story buildings.

·         Project coordination with many different areas/professionals.



·         Performing takeoffs, reading and interpreting blueprints, project scheduling.

·         Problem solver, contribute to the creation of infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment.



·         Entrepreneurship and leadership. Capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.

·         Stablish and implement litigation settlement from different approaches. Drive business growth with positive client/company relationship.



Academic Research/Study

·         M.Sc. research in Structural Engineer, Finite Element Analysis. Development of a triangular plate composite element (concrete and rebars), for modeling and detail reinforced concrete structures. LEAVE OF ABSENCE.

·         IBRACON’s CT-301 (Brazilian institution) member and developer.

·         Study group of INSTUTO DE ENGENHARIA – SP.



·         Network administration, computer configuration, building and maintenance. Implementation of new servers and SOHO datacenter.




–     Intentu Engenharia S/C Ltda.

Structural engineering company that designs large structures, as shopping centers, airports, ports, dams, water reservoirs, among others.


Supervised Practice in Structural Engineering – Equivalent GPA 4.0

(May 1998 – December 1998) ● 8mos

São Paulo, SP – Brazil


·  Internship in Structural Engineering.

·  Structural design and detail and of airports, bridges, ports, shopping centers and special structures.



–     JNDS – Construtora e Incorporadora Ltda.

Construction company that works in the real state area, residential apartments in multi-stories buildings, leasing office suites, and real estate in general.


1)   Field Engineer


(January 2000 – January 2002) ● 2yrs 1mo

São Paulo, SP – Brazil


·  Work as a supervisor at construction site.

·  Architectural design of multi-story buildings.

·  Monitor and Inspect work undertaken by contractors.

·  Inspect construction sites to monitor progress and adherence to design specifications, safety protocols and state standards.



·  Was responsible for bring a breakthrough formwork technology from Germany to be implemented in the construction site.

·  Implemented several technologies in the construction site.




2)   Structural Engineer


(February 2002 – August 2012) ● 10yrs 7mos

São Paulo, SP – Brazil


·  Structural and Architectural design and detail and of multi-story building in reinforced concrete.

·  Make and check complex engineering computations quickly and accurately.

·  Coordinate teams with different professionals working in many areas (architecture, electricity, fire detection and extinguish, plumbing, HAVC).



·  Revolutionized the Architectural and Structural project within the company by implementation of BIM technology.

·  Developed a new structure construction system used to save on labor and make the construction faster. Which was capable to reduce between 40% to 60% labor costs and allow construction of 01 floor per week.

·  Became partner of the company, holding 10% of the shares.



3)   COO – Vice President


(September 2012 – August 2015) ● 3yrs

São Paulo, SP – Brazil


·  Monitor accountants and financial aspects of the company.

·  Deal with attorneys to solve problems with clients.

·  General strategy and development.

·  Coordination of new projects.



·  Was the first person to stablish litigation settlement from a different approach in the company, which brought 64 agreements with clients, and saves more than US$ 2,000,000.00 in resources for the company.

·  Signed contract with two banks (Bradesco and Itaú) and reduced the loan costs in 18.5%.

·  Implementation of 4 new projects to come for the 2019 – 2022 period.




Fundação Maria Antônia.

Non-profit organization that helps elderly people that live on the streets and do not have family.


Residence for elderly people


(November 1999 – February 2000) ● 4mos

Patos, PB – Brazil


·       Responsible for the entire architectural and structural design. This project was also a collaborative effort. We worked with local leaders to help maintain the building and keep it running. Today, it functions as a safe place for elderly people to live without the worry of living on the street.






Colégio Palmares – São Paulo, SP – Brazil

(1989 – 1992)

High School

·         High School degree accomplished in Bio Sciences


Universidade de São Paulo – Escola Politécnica – São Paulo, SP – Brazil

(1994 – 1999)

Bachelor in Civil Engineer

·         Attended the Graduate course of Boundary Elements Method – Honor Invited

·         Emphasis in Structures


Universidade de São Paulo – Escola Politécnica – São Paulo, SP – Brazil

(2000 – 2004)

Master of Science in Structural Engineer – LEAVE OF ABSENCE

·         Advisor: Prof. Paulo de Mattos Pimenta




China, Japan, United States, Australia, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, England and France




Travel, hiking – US national parks, computers assembly, technology, DIY, motorcycles




Structural analysis, architecture design, entrepreneur, business administrator, AutoCAD, TQS (Brazilian software for structures), Microsoft Excel, SAP-2000 (FEA Software), ArchiCAD, Visual Basic – VBA, work and assembly computers, network administration.




Professional publications, Abstracts and Chapters

·       Examples notes on Brazilian concrete code, chapter 15, stability and second order effects, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 2005


Seminars and Workshops

·       Sound, Load Speakers and Dynamics, UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil, November 1996

·       Future Professional, Racional Company, Santo André, SP, Brazil, May 1999

·       TQS software for concrete structures I, TQS, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, April 2002

·       TQS software for concrete structures II, TQS, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, May 2002

·       Structural Masonry, Instituto de Engenharia, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, May 2002

·       NBR 6118 – Design of concrete structures, ABNT, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, October 2003

·       The shear strength of reinforced concrete structures, Prof. Michael P. Collins, Escola Politécnica, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, April 2006



·       TQS software for concrete unbounded post tensioned structures, TQS, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, August 2006

·       Administration of Windows Server environments, IMPACTA, examination center, São Paulo, SP Brazil, May 2007

·       Configuration and Adm. of Windows Server, IMPACTA, examination center, São Paulo, SP Brazil, June 2007

·       Real State Incorporation, Instituto de Engenharia, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, October 2013

·       ArchiCad, TI-Lab, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, January 2014


Conference participation

·       II Seminar on Durability of Concrete Structures, Escola Politécnica, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, June 1998

·       Symposium on concrete durability, IBRACON, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, July 2000

·       IV Symposium on Concrete Structures, Escola Politécnica, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, August 2000

·       High performance concrete application for structures, IBRACON, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, July 2001

·       Seminar on Structure Technology, SindusCon, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, October 2006

·       9º ENECE – Nacional meeting of Structural Engineering and Consulting, ABECE, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, October 2006


Leadership activities

·       Science and engineering fair, FEBRACE, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, March 2004



Jan/2000 Master in Structural Engineering at Universidade de São Paulo
Jan1994-Dec1999 Bachelors in Civil Engineering at Universidade de São Paulo